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About Us

Our executive team has over 60+ years combined expertise and passion in the energy industry. Read more about each partner below to understand the experience behind this project, and the level of care and attention Green Carbon Technologies gives to our carbon sequestration projects. 

Jim Lind

Managing Partner

James Lind has an extensive career spanning more than 35 years of project execution experience in the natural resources industry and is a second generation engineer. From concept to implementation, Mr. Lind has been involved in all aspects of successful project delivery including complete fundraising. 


Over the past 25 years, Mr. Lind has founded or co-founded five new enterprises, raised over $600M in third party equity and delivered an average 3.7 ROI to the equity investors averaging over 50% IRR.  His background includes direct interface with federal regulatory agencies involved in project development including EPA and serving as co-chair of the FERC subcommittee on industry standards development. 

Mr. Lind graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.


He resides in Dallas and has two children.


Rajendra Ghimire, PhD, MBA.


Dr. Rajendra Ghimire has pursued a career in innovating and applying breakthrough technologies to build sustainable business models. His vision of converting produced water from a linear to a circular economy has become an everyday practice in the energy industry. He has designed and implemented sustainable water and energy projects globally.


Dr. Ghimire has been involved as a commercial and technical advisor in 6 water and energy startups, including as an NSF-ICORP industry mentor. He has managed cutting edge technologies as well as business development efforts globally. 

Mr. Ghimire received his doctoral degree in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of Nevada, Reno and an executive MBA, from the Anderson School of Management, UCLA, Los Angeles.


He resides in Dallas.

Matthew Klentzman


Matthew Klentzman is a solution-oriented professional with 15+ years of technical experience within multiple types and sizes of business and is a first generation engineer. Work experiences include marketing, project management, finance, private equity, business development, engineering, implementation, and client relations while overseeing business operations. Proven track record of improving operational workflows and generating fierce loyalty within the work environment.

Patents: Initial Design, Prototyping, Testing, Finalizing, Marketing and Sale of over 100 original patents; 250+ patents applied

Mr. Klentzman graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. He lives in Dallas where he cares for his brother born with Cerebral Palsy and donates his time to Veteran’s Xtreme Adventures, helping combat deployed veterans. 


The GCT Executive Team

If you're as thrilled about this project as we are, you have questions or would like to get involved, fill out the form below and we will direct you to the proper person or information.

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